Q-bert Needlework Project

Qbert Needlework Project

Photo Courtesy Ellen Schinderman of Schindermania

Game-based stitching projects are so kewl.  It used to shock some of the kids I babysat, but I actually remember before video games were invented.  I even remember when we moved from Pong to fun little characters and Q-bert was one of my favorites back in the day.  When I saw Ellen’s version of Qbert using cross stitch for the lettering and other needlepoint stitches for the other areas of the design, I was astounded. Then when I found out that the yellow sections GLOW-IN-THE-DARK, I was astounded.

Some of Ellen’s work is NSFW (aka not safe for work, aka adult-themed), so be warned before you check out the Schindermania blog or her Flikr photostream.



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