Blackwork Basics

Blackwork is one of my favorite styles of embroidery – of course, I usually just use backstitch when I am doing it because with cross-stitch, it’s all the same, right? Well, not really, and I read a post recently that did a great job at explaining how to do proper blackwork.  It’s all laid out in Blackwork Basics over at the Byrd’s Nest.  Jeanne explains how to do blackwork really well and I plan to print out her tips to use in future projects!

Then Jeanne does even more to help those of us with blackwork envy – she offers some fun Blackwork smalls to stitch. This is definitely a blog to add to your reader, bookmark for later – however you handle it – make sure to visit often to see what Jeanne is stitching or cooking up (she shares some great recipes too!).

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