Colossal Cross Stitch

Jessica Decker specializes in HUGE cross stitch projects. We’re not talking HAED (Heaven and Earth Design) wall-to-wall projects will millions of stitches, but just a few stitches that add up to one large, impactful project. There’s a space in my living room that is just crying out for something like this.

Before I send you off to Jessica’s blog and encourage you to click around and do go over and click around and see her other colossal stitchery projects, be warned that there is a project that uses the f-bomb, so if you are offended by language that is adult-like, don’t venture off over that way.

Speaking of adult-themed stitcheries, finder’s fee thanks go to Ellen Schinderman of Schindermania! who also has some new naughty stitcheries posted up on her blog – if you aren’t easily offended, go check them out too.

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