Cross Stitch Moustache Ring

I know it’s silly, but I love that Geico commercial where the three guys do goofy things with their cell phones. The bro-stache line gets me every time.

So, when I saw Sarah Fordham’s MaMagasin shop on etsy, I was delighted with her Mushtache ring, especially since I don’t have a cool cell phone to play with. Now, I too can have a bro-stache on hand at any time.

Check out Sarah’s etsy shop for more delightful stitchy goodness on earrings, necklaces, hair pins and more. I also like her Sieve Boob piece!


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    I love that commercial too! LOL! It makes me laugh out loud every time. I love when the one guy gets his foot stuck in the chair! The ring is so cute! Thanks for sharing!

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    Having danced around many an office I can relate to guy getting his foot stuff in the chair! I love that commercial too!!!

    Thanks Connie! and Welcome to Craft Gossip!!!

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