Cross Stitch Sonic Screwdriver

Here’s another great Dr. Who-themed project from Hancock’s House of Happy. I will let Hancock describe it.

“Check it out! A totally retro Dr. Who sonic screwdriver in cross stitch. From waaay back when time lords were time lords and all they needed was something to screw and unscrew things sonically. Is sonically a word? It is now!

It is a free chart to download. Some subtle shading but no fractional stitches so it’s a good one for beginners. Lots of backstitching practice.

I would put it on a card or a little sampler with something like “Time Lords do it sonically” because sonically is now a word and we should all use it as much as possible.”

Thanks for sharing it! If you blog about cross-stitch, design cross-stitch charts, post free charts, or write about cross stitch in any way, be sure to let us know about it. Send in your links!


  1. Janice says

    As a fellow Who fan and stitcher I’d like doing this for our son who’s also a Who fan. How do I download the chart? Thanks.

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