Egyptian Cross-Stitch

Hannah submitted this post and wow am I glad she shared her link! She writes in her blog that her friend send this bag to her from Egypt. She says, “The tag says it’s from a fair trade association for selling handicrafts, and this one was made by a group of North Sinai Bedouin women. The tag says “Each design and color combination holds social and/or cultural meaning” but totally fails to say what meaning that is. Just enough information to be frustratingly vague. … It does mention that the design is inspired by patterns used to decorate traditional Bedouin wedding galabeyas (a special type of traditional dress).”

I hope Hannah will keep us updated if she finds out more about the bag!

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  1. Eman says

    I am Egyptian and want to share with you some info about North Sinai cross stitching :
    ” Bedouin women are keen to show their social situation statues by the colors used in the embroidery and garment they wear. For example dress embroidered in blue worn by an old lady, or a divorced.The married woman dress is embroidered in red, while the little girl wears dresses embroidered in light colors”. Also every tribe can be known by its own stitching type on dresses.”

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