Enter to Win Webinar Ticket from Funk & Weber

Jen Funk Weber is giving away a ticket to a webinar entitled “Best Photo Forward: Refining Photos of Fine Embroidery with PhotoShop Elements.” The webinar will cover such topics as:
* what PhotoShop Elements is and why we should use it
* how to convey more accurate colors
* how to stretch and square warped or crooked images
* how to resize images for the Web
* how to frame a piece digitally
and more.
To find out more and to enter to win visit this blog post. You can also find out how to register for the webinar or learn more here. Enter soon – the webinar will be held March 20th and there’s and early bird special for early registrants!


  1. Lynette Maton says

    Oh, I am so excited about this webinar! I love stitching on linen, but the reflection off the linen itself makes the piece look wavy (and awful). I’ve tried every sort of light and angle and nothing has worked to fix this. I also struggle with photographing framed pieces that have glass over them – the whole reflection thing again. I am a point and shoot photographer with a camera that does more than I’m capable of, so I’m hoping this webinar will improve my Photoshop ability and make my work shine without reflection!

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