Etsy Shop – The End Zone

Just in time for the BIG GAME, Tracy Evans sent in info about his shop on Etsy, The End Zone. As he describes it, there you will find his “… “mini jersey” cross stitch patterns and finished products. I started designing them back in 1996 and they have been liked by folks all over the world. They can be used as Christmas tree ornaments, refrigerator magnets, bookmarks, etc… I believe that they would be a great addition to your site, especially that they were designed by a man. Yeah, I know not too many guys want to admit to doing this kind of thing, but I’m proud of my work and my customers have come back again and again for them.”

My Dad was a big crafter so I am never surprised when guys are into stitching and such, but I know some folks are! Tracy has a variety of mini jerseys to choose from so be sure to check out The End Zone.

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