Cross Stitch Kit Giveaway!

It’s my first give-away here at Craft Gossip! I hope you will take time to enter and you will also share about the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and blogs and everywhere else.

Here’s what you get – one winner (from anywhere around the world) will receive a set of three cross stitch kits suitable for making Christmas cards provided by Yiota’s Cross Stitch Kits and Patterns. Big thanks to them. The kits are shown here and include:

The rules for this giveaway are simple. Post below telling why you like Christmas cards. One entry per person. Don’t try to cheat ’cause Santa is watching….

(PS – if you don’t like cards so much, don’t worry – other giveaways will be coming soon.)


  1. Laurie Bell says

    I love sending and getting Christmas cards great time to catch up on the happenings in family and friends lifes. I like picking cards to match each person and I to remind them what the season is all about.

  2. Cindy says

    I LOVE Christmas cards!! We are retired military and the only time we hear from our ex military friends is at Christmas.

    I also love to cross stitch Christmas cards!!

  3. Mary Mac says

    I hand stamp or cross stitch my Christmas cards for over 30 years now. They give such a personalize touch.

  4. says

    It’s a good way to keep up with what people are doing, and how big their kids are getting (I know some people hate those “family letter” things, but I actually like them!). Also, red and green are my two favorite colors!

  5. Sandy says

    I love Christmas cards! I love cross stitch! Making cross stitch Christmas cards, priceless. With the economy being tight, handmade Christmas cards are a wonderful way to give someone something extra special without breaking the bank!

  6. Eunice Robertson says

    It is a time to remind everyone to be kind to each other, and also to say, “I haven’t forgotten you”. The x-stitch cards are something that can also be kept for longer than one short season, something to remind us of a certain person.

  7. Donna Ford says

    I have seen & heard of many people who cross stich for cards. I have yet to conquer this particular crafting project. I love to receive cards from friends & family and being able to cross stitch something just right for someone is a great idea. I believe giving something hand made to someone gives that person part of yourself!

  8. A Rose says

    These would make great gift tags. Smaller the better for me for cross stitching. I ‘m able to put projects in my purse an do them during my lunch break.

  9. Christina says

    I love making cards and would love to learn to cross stitch!. I like reading the letters that come in Christmas cards and catching up with everyone who I don’t see that often.

  10. says

    when we give a cross-stitched card, the receiver knows we spent time doing it for them lovingly, with special thoughts of them while making them…

  11. Kim B says

    I love to make cards and would love to have this! Thanks for the great giveaway. People love to receive handmade.

  12. says

    Cards are a nice way to say you are thinking of someone. Also I’m a totally obsessed freak with all the christmas traditions and Christmas cards are just one of the many traditions.

  13. Aileen Bell says

    I send at least 70 cards a year. 70 Cross-Stitch cards…I don’t think I’m ready to conquer that hill, but it would be lovely to make a few cards for close family. They would be nice to frame after the holiday!

  14. Robyn says

    Christmas is a time to remember & be thankful for all friendships & cards are a reminder that we are thinking of others & they of us. Cross stitching a card is even more meaningful, with time & effort involved, not just a quick signature on a ready made card.

  15. Kristin says

    All of our family – immediate and extended – lives out of state. I love receiving Christmas cards because it helps me to feel close to our family. It helps our children remember their relatives. And, once I put them all up on the wall, it adds to our decorations.

    I have all of the cards we’ve received from other years, and I feel that sense of ‘family’ whenever I look at them. :-)

  16. Stephanie Bondlow says

    I love Christmas cards because they are usually quite pretty and show me who really cares about me.

  17. Christina says

    Christmas cards are so cheerful for the holidays and it is always more fun to make your own.

  18. Susannah Webley says

    I love Christmas cards, I love sending them and I love recieving them. With my old Christmas cards from the previous year me and my children make the cards into tiny boxes and cover them in glitter and put little gifts in each one, and put the numbers of days on them like and advent calendar then we hang them on the tree. Everyone said I should be Mrs Claus because I get so excited for Christmas and make every effort possible to make each Christmas even better than the one before for my beautiful children. Christmas cards let people in your life know you care and your thinking of them over the Christmas holidays. Thank you

  19. Gil Crews says

    Christmas is the best time of year (second is Halloween). I always look forward to see what our family members have designed for the year…I am still putting my design to the test.

  20. Jacqueline Buckley says


  21. Laura Emerson says

    I love Christmas cards as they are such a wonderful way to keep in touch with family and friends. There is something so beautiful and cheerful when you see Christmas cards hung around the fireplace or doorway. They bring back memories as well as making new ones.

  22. JoAnn F. says

    I love to receive and send Christmas cards. Its a great way to keep in touch with friends and family.

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  23. Wehaf says

    I love Christmas cards because they’re a chance for me to let my friends and family know that I’m thinking about them.

  24. Sue says

    Sending Christmas cards is the one time each year to make contact with old friends, to hear what is happening in their lives, to share memories and to wish them well.

  25. valerie mabrey says

    I like Christmas cards cause it is a way of catching up on family and friends,
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  26. Renee G says

    I love Christmas cards — because it’s always a good reason to get in touch with people I haven’t seen for a while.