Good News Everyone – Futurama Pattern from Pixel People

You may have noticed that I have something of an obsession with geeky stitchery – you would be correct.

So when a tipster sent the link to this Futurama-inspired Cross Stitch my geek-o-meter went off big time. Is this not so cute! The cast never looked so good. Of course, Bender is my favorite and if you don’t agree you can bite my shiny metal, oh, nevermind – I don’t mind if you choose another character as your favorite. There is room in the universe for all sorts of opinions.

Have you discovered some stitchy coolness? It doesn’t have to be geeky. I also like puppies, cats, cottages, sassy language and just about any form of Cross Stitch or counted-thread embroidery. So, send in links, including your own blogs, projects, or websites you’d like to see featured here too.


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