Heaven and Earth Designs

I’m not sure how to describe the charts here, other than to say, you REALLY have to see them to believe them. I will say that once you stitch a HAED pattern you will probably never stitch anything else again!! They truely spoil you with their concise directions and clear charts. And my Goodness those charts!!!!!! The subject matter is so diverse and stimulating, you can quite literally spend days just browsing.  I frequently do!!!!!!!!!Be sure to look at the Premier Artists section as that features beautiful graphs by well known artists such as Amy Brown,Molly Harrison and Sue Miller to name a few. Also there are FREE patterns here and they are stunning.


  1. tracey alexander says

    i totally agree with every thing said
    i have been stitching HEAD for about a year (yet to finish 1 mind)and i LOVE them

  2. Karen says

    I’m glad you mentioned this! I love HAED patterns. But, I also wanted to mention the beautiful Josephine Wall patterns are simply gorgeous. I’m working on two of hers and they are simply stunning.

    God Bless

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