How To: Folksy DIY Cross stitched Organizer


I love cute things…puppies, kittens…organizers. Wait a sec, did I just say organizer? Yep! I did! This adorable Cross Stitched Organizer is perfect for little and big kids alike. I would just love this in my craft room. The face is darling and the tiny pockets are over the top.

Misako Mimoko created this for Handmade Charlotte. The tutorial supplies you with everything you need to make this organizer. You have the measurements, tips and cross stitch patterns to make up your very own little cutie. If you are not crazy about the pink braids, why not change the color or give it a different haircut all together.

You can find the directions and pattern HERE. 


  1. Becky PS says

    I can hear you in my head as I read this!!! Sis – get outta my head!

    This is cutie patootie!

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