My Fancy Little Needle Wallet

Chez Mounette recently posted a small sewing supply wallet or as I like to call it a “fancy little needle wallet” because that is the main sewing supply I use. She has a front and back design, both done up in redwork and they are both sweet little vingettes with birds and snails living in harmony in the garden area. Not so much like my garden, but I won’t think about that. And, did I mention, the charts are FREE! Of course, you can always alter the color of the design if red is not your favorite color. Since my favorite colors are red and black, I might want to do one side in red and one in black. I haven’t quite decided!

Free Charts Here


  1. Carolyn in VA says

    What a sweet little pattern, thanks for finding it and passing it on!

    One note though: this design is not Redwork, it is actually Blackwork (irregardless of color of thread). The difference is in the stitching: Blackwork is ‘counted-thread’, while Redwork is ’embroidery’. The ground fabric is different, and while Blackwork is stitched from a chart, Redwork is often embroidered from a drawing (often on the fabric itself), or freehand. Nowadays, either can be in any color, although historically they were their name-color. = )

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