Online Needlework Show

Welcome to The Needlework Show!
We are the only wholesale needlework show in the virtual world! We’re a little bit different, a little bit new, but we ARE a tradeshow (buyers pre-register and are verified as a business owner; vendors reserve “booth” space and sell directly to buyers), but…this is the little bit different part…unlike other tradeshows, we provide consumer viewing pages!
We believe that the consumer viewing pages provide a “win-win-win” situation for everyone. At physical tradeshows, buyers have to “guess” at what their customers will like. During The Needlework Show, our buyers can have show days in their store. Invite customers in to SEE new products and enjoy more sales. For vendors, consumer viewing pages mean that more people see their products, so consumers can now say “I want this!”

October 17-22!!! Do Not Miss This!!

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