Stitchin’ on a Punkin’

One of my BFFs, Marion of Mad Cat Art Studio pointed this link out to me and I immediately fell “in like” with the idea. 

Elsie Marley shared this last year, so if you missed out, be sure to check out How to Cross Stitch on a Pumpkin.  I had to put a Suthurn flair on the headline – if you want to imagine how I talk, think Larry the Cable guy only an octave higher.

I think this would work on real pumpkins, but in this case, it’s a fake pumpkin.  I can’t wait to try this on some tiny faux pumpkins I have around the house that were leftover from last years decoration.

I must also give Marion a shout-out for a certain crafty care package she sent my way – so much crafty goodness in the form of magazines from over-the-pond.  I wonder if people in the UK would be quite as excited if I sent them some Southern Living magazines? Maybe I should arrange a swap 😉


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