Easy Ornament Frames


Ornament Frames were in every craft store, every dollar store, and I swear, even in service stations sometimes back when I first started stitching.  Now, sometimes, it is difficult to find frames.  I snap them up when I do find them because I love to make ornaments.

Recently I saw that Kreinik had some new options for framing smaller pieces.  They have introduced Ornament Frames with 30 or 40 ct silk gauze in them – the frames are made of an acid free board and support the gauze as you stitch on the project, then act as the presentation frame too.

I know that some of you got squinty-eyed when I mentioned silk gauze – you will be relieved to know that Krenik also offers the frames without gauze in them.  I plan to try out one of the frames for a project I am working on right now – watch for one of my WIP photos coming soon to a Craft Gossip post near you.


  1. Rose says

    hi, i just saw post about the little ornament frames that used to be all over and are hard to find now. many years ago, i worked for vip yarns and aunt marys yarns, and we used to have them. i recently pulled out my old stock to do some some. i crochet around them and then glue in laminated photos. i use the 2.5″ ones. there are also the oval ones too. anyways, you still can get them. search online –janlynn corp—- they come up, like 12 for 9.00. you could get wholesale account also if that is your case. they got all the colors–red/white/green/and the famous gold color i love. have fun, rose in nj.

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