Peacock Cross Stitch

The Crafy Mummy shares this photo among several others of her wedding cross stitch project. She also wonders if you gravitate toward large projects like this one or like to do quick-to-stitch projects more. Check out more photos of her project here and let us know what you think about large projects vs. quick-to-stitch projects in the comments section below.


  1. Tina S says

    I tend to work on large projects for the most part. I really am not interested in having a ton of little stitched pieces cluttering up everything. I do lots of samplers for myself and as gifts. People love heirlooms.

  2. Jane S. says

    I do both kinds — I usually have a large, ongoing project that I work on periodically, and I also have plenty of smaller “instant gratification” type projects. Sometimes I just need a break from the big project.

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