Review:Neat Container

Recently I had the chance to check out the Neat Container Storage system, which is part of a Craft Gossip Giveaway. It is a handy storage system that comes with storage bins in a wide range of sizes. The set I tested has eight of the the size #1 (six-inch wide) shoe box pod, eight of the #3 (four-inch wide) accessory pod, and four of the #4 (twelve-inch wide) sweater box pod. There are smaller and larger sizes of the pods available as well.

I certainly can see where they’d be useful for for organizing shoes, sweaters, and accessories, but I plan to use the pods for organizing craft supplies. But, I digress. Let me tell you first about how easy the pods are to set up and use. The pods arrive stacked in sets. They are two-piece and the lids snap in place. The tops are clearly marked, which is nice.

The containers are light-weight, but it is clear that they are durable. I did some smash testing and they stood up well to that. I placed heavy objects in the containers and they held up to the weight just fine – I know they will hold up to my cross stitch stash.

After you put the pods together, you set up a five column system that is demonstrated in a video on the website. It is quite simple and easy – it requires no extra hardware or tools and no special skills or training. I had the Neat Container set up in just a few minutes. What is great is that you can then pull out one of the pods from anywhere in the system, even the bottom, even from the corner, and the tower of pods won’t tumble down.

I think I have found the place to organize all my current works in progress!

Learn more about the Neat Container at .

Pricing for the kits range from $35 to $189 depending on how many pods are included.

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