Summertime means travel time and there is no place sunnier and more “summer” than Florida.  In days gone by, the airlines used to make the most romantic and inviting travel posters.

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I love Audrey Hepburn. It didn’t matter if it was Breakfast at Tiffiany’s or Roman Holiday, if she came on the TV, I stopped, sat down and watched this beloved icon. Not only was she a great actress but she

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It’s time to hit the beach in style with this Nautical Themed Beach Bag from Lier de Piatine. This pattern is great for cruising on your yacht or soaking up the

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How many pairs of scissors do you have floating around your house? What about needles and skeins of floss? If you are anything like me, you have a dozen pairs of scissors, floss for miles and needles that seem to

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Grump Cat









This is the way I feel when it rains in the summer time, or when my boss asks me to work late on Friday or when…well, you get the picture. Although this

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This adorable pixie and puppy having a picnic is making me long for a sunny day in the park with my pups. Who wouldn’t want a puppy picnic? Frimousse created this darling pattern and it can be downloaded on her

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Mother's Day Kit-2

The beach…I want to go there…badly! Summer is in full swing and hanging out at the beach is one my favorite summer time activities. Feet in the sand, sun on my buns and hearing the ocean waves crash; I can’t

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Today is the 4th of July and in America we are celebrate our independence. No one is more patriotic than Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty. Brooke Nolan created this pattern for

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I love cute things…puppies, kittens…organizers. Wait a sec, did I just say organizer? Yep! I did! This adorable Cross Stitched Organizer is perfect for little and big kids alike. I would just love this

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PicMonkey Collage









1. 60th birthday card-Alita Designs 

2.  Kitty on a music stand-Passion Creative 

3. Be Kind, Be True-DMC USA

4. Seaside Kitty-Stitching Fairy 

5. Compass-brigittedadaux

6. Flower Totem-June Craft 

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